What is a Web Developer & What Does a Web Developer Do?

A web developer is a software programmer who is focused on developing sites and applications for the World Wide Web.

Simply put, a web developer writes the code which is used by computers to display webpages.

Here are some everyday tasks for a web developer:

  • Work with a web designer to create new webpage designs.
  • Discuss the layout and structure of a website with the website manager.
  • Write the code to produce a new page layout for a website.
  • Create a database for a new web based application.

The role of web developer is very flexible, and that flexibility is what makes it a good career choice for a large number of people.


  1. Robert,

    I am a working professional with a bachelors degree in business and NO tech experience. I am in the process of making a career move to web design and development. I have 2 questions for you.

    1) Is it possible to do both the web design and the development? (I have a strong passion for design and visual concepts)

    2) Is it worth my time getting an associates or bachelors in this field, or will my existing degree be enough to take me to higher level positions? I am just wondering if I know the work but I have an unrelated degree, would that be sufficient.

    Thank you for your time and this has been a great resource in my pursuit of a new career path!

    1. I hope your career move is working out well for you Nick.

      I think if someone wants to be a designer and a developer that is very possible to do.

      In my experience smaller companies and teams are more likely to hire someone to do both design and development, and there are a lot of organization that size. In most larger organizations those roles are split.

  2. Thank you so much for making this website. I just recently decided to become a web developer with zero experience (other than intermediate computer knowledge). You really give me optimism. Congratulations by the way.

  3. I think some people don’t think the code behind web design is that important anymore, but the truth is, this is a growing area, and the demand is definitely growing, though strangely, it seems that few people are actually educated in this area. So it does make sense to learn more about web design.

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