Earn IT Certifications for Web Development

IT Certifications are granted to you by organizations once you get a passing score on their certification test.

Certifications prove to potential employers that you have trained as a web developer and that you can pass a well-rounded exam on web development.

Here are some certifications we have worked with which have good standing in the industry.

CIW Certifications

CIW (Certified Internet Web Professional) is an organization which grants a variety of certifications for web development and web design. You can schedule one of their exams at testing centers all across the world.

CIW offers a number of certifications which can boost your career. We suggest you study for and earn their Site Development Associate Certification before you begin your job search.

Some schools and training centers will charge you thousands of dollars for courses to pass certifications. Please do not use their services.

The Site Development Associate exam costs $150 to take and consists of 30 questions. You have to get 19 questions correct to pass the exam. You should not pay thousands of dollars to get 19 questions right.

To study for the exam you should use an online preparation course like the one offered here: Certify Guide Certification Preparation. That course is $39. You can also use Google to find practice tests for the exam for free.

So for $189 you can earn a respected certification which will be a great boost to your resume.

Microsoft Certification

Microsoft offers a certification which is also good for entry level web developers:
Microsoft Certified Professional: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist

This certification is also $150 and must be taken at a testing center.

We suggest passing the CIW Site Development Associate Certification before attempting the Microsoft Certification. The CIW Certification is not as challenging, and having one certification is better than having zero.



  1. Hi, did you use the 39 dollar prep course? how quickly did you sign up for it (were there any pre-required stuff, or was this the first thing you did?). I’m asking because there appears to be no feedback on the course (0/5 stars 0 votes cast when following this link: http://certifyguide.com/exam/1d0-61b/

    thanks! 🙂

    1. I did not personally use it. I did not find any good online prep courses when I got certified in 2006.

      I found some practice tests and example questions and studied those. The bulk of what I knew was from reading material on general web development, not material focused just on taking the certification test.

      I included the prep course on here because I wanted people to be aware self-study options exist. The parent site had good reviews and it is relativity cheap compared to other options. As with anything, make sure it’s right for you before you spend the money.

      Good luck.

  2. Hi Robert,

    I am at the moment studying web development. Its a one year full time course. I just did the first assignment that it was with html, css and javascript. We are about to start learning php. What course, online training etc do you recommend that i can do at home apart from this. I want to become front end developer and to work at some point in my own projects. I change careers because i was tired a bit pf the corporate world. What do you recommend i should be doing aprt from this at home. I feel sometimes stuck in certain things and not sure what is really needed in the real world. In what i should get better etc etc. For sure i notice after the first site i would like to improve my web design skills, etc but i dont know where to start. Thanks a lot for your help. This site is very helpful.

  3. Thanks a lot for the link, that cheaper course is exactly what I need. I’m all for investing in my certification and this course seems to be right up my alley. Right now I’m doing the research work so I know exactly what I’m up against and your site is more than helpful. I need to know exactly what I should do, step by step, so I don’t waste my time. I’ll give that test a go when I’ll be ready, can’t wait!

  4. Hi, I just began learning front end through Code Academy. It’s not as thorough or helpful as I was expecting. Have you been over that site or know anything about it? Also. What are some good resources for someone who is just starting out? I.e. Specific books or sites. I don’t know exactly what part of this I should be putting more focus into.

    Thanks for the great site

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