What is a Server-side (or Back-end) Language?

A server-side language is the programming language (also known as a code or a script) used on the web server to produce the website.

There are a variety of server-side languages. Each has their own pros and cons, but they all perform the same tasks.

Read more about server-side languages in general:

You should have a basic understanding of the most popular server-side languages.

back-end developer is skilled at least one server-side languages. Most back-end developers know at least two languages well.

Some front-end developers do not know any server-side languages at an expert level, and some front-end developers know multiple server-side languages very well.

All  front-end developers eventually work with server-side languages, but rarely at a complex level.

Read through these links to gain a basic understanding of these popular server-side languages:

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