Build a Web Development Portfolio

As a web developer seeking a new job you will primarily be judged by the websites and code samples you have created or worked on. This is referred to as your portfolio.

You should host your portfolio online, preferably on a website you created on a domain you own.

Before you go out to find your first web development job you should have at least 3 good websites in your portfolio which showcase your focus.

If you plan to be a front-end web developer, you should have sites with good CSS and moderate JavaScript usage.

If you plan to be a back-end web developer you should showcase your site architecture, Back-end developers should also have code samples in your portfolio to showcase any good or complex code you wrote for your sites.

Your portfolio will look very strong if you can showcase real site s you created for real clients. To get those clients at first we suggest you Build Sites for Free.


  1. I know many freelance developers that started out putting together websites for friends and family for free. Thats a good place to start to help you capture some local businesses as your first paying clients. Modest advertising (craigslist, mailers, etc…) and word-of-mouth from your friends and family can help with this. After a few of these small local clients, take the biggest and best sites that you developed for them and use them as your first portfolio. Have those clients write testimonials too.

  2. I’m in the process of designing my own portfolio and while I designed for free 5 sites until now, I don’t think this number is enough to create trust. I know clients won’t rush to me and I have to do a lot of pro bono work but I don’t see where I can find the free time to do this. I work from 9 to 5 and I have high hopes that my web developer passion will turn into a job, I just have to work harder!

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