Earn a College Degree Related to Web Development

Many prestigious colleges offer Associate and Bachelor degrees in fields related to web development.

If you plan to make a career as a web developer we suggest you begin a degree program as soon as you feel comfortable.

A degree is not needed to begin or maintain your career. The degree is helpful when you start looking for higher paying roles with more responsibility.

The site GetEducated.com is a great resource for finding online degree programs.

You may also find your local university or junior college offers online or hybrid programs which help you get your degree faster.

Be sure to select a college which is non-profit and regionally accredited. That is the only way you can ensure your diploma is valid and not from a degree mill.

A Non-Traditional Degree Path

At the surface Thomas Edison State University (TESC) looks like any other college, and it is an accredited State University in New Jersey. (Wikipedia entry for Thomas Edison State University)

What makes it special is that is accepts almost unlimited transfer hours, and it allows you to test out of many classes.

There are a variety of options to build credit towards your degree with Thomas Edison State University at your own pace. Some people have been able to start and finish in less than a year.

Our suggestion is to start with an Associates and then get your Bachelors. That way you’ll have something to show faster.

Start with this prgram : The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Multidisciplinary Technology.

Then complete this program after your Associate degree: The Bachelor Science in Applied Science and Technology in Technical Studies.

We suggest you pursue the more generic degree majors like Multidisciplinary Technology & Technical Studies. Those classes allow for more classes which can be tested out of, or done at your own pace online.

Complete the classes you want to test out of before you apply. Go down the requirements for the degree and match that will classes you can do on your own.

Once you do all those tests or online classes on your own time, then apply and send your work in for credit. That saves you from spending money on school fees before you need to.

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