Where do Web Developers Work?

One of the great benefits of being a web developer is the flexibility of where you can work. This is just a small list of the different job types available to web developers.

  • On a product team at an advertising agency
  • In the IT Department of a major corporation
  • As member of a development team at a software development firm
  • As a freelance web developer and work on your own projects
  • Being the sole web developer at a small or medium sized company

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more on this! There are a ton of opportunities out there now for a web developer compared to over 20 years ago when I started. I recommend you master HTML, CSS, and Javascript front-end development and then start working on adding back-end development skills such as PHP or Python to round out your skill set and open up a lot more opportunities. If you can demonstrate through a solid portfolio that you have Jedi-level front AND back-end skills, then most companies won’t care if you have a degree or not.

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