Web Development Job Titles

When you start searching for paying jobs and contracts you will see there are a variety of job titles for web developers.

Most job titles are just a variation on Web Developer,  Front-end Web Developer or Back-end Web Developer.

Below are some lists to help you determine which type of developer the job listing is looking for. If you see a title which is not on this list you can read the job requirements in detail to find out what type of development experience they are looking for.

Web Developer Titles

  • Web Developer
  • Web Engineer
  • Web Programmer

Front-end Web Developer Titles

  • UI Developer
  • User Interface Developer
  • Client-side Web Developer
  • HTML Developer
  • CSS Developer
  • JavaScript Developer

Back-end Web Developer Titles

Back-end developers are often referred to by the name of the programming language they work in, such as

You will find some job titles start with Junior, Senior or another descriptor for the experience expert for the role.

  • Junior web developers often have 0-3 years of experience and are expected to do the more repetitive and less complex tasks.
  • Senior web developers usually have over 5 years of experience and are expected to provide leadership and experience to a team.

Principal and Lead are two other common descriptors for senior web developer positions (ex: Lead UI Engineer).

Many large organizations have multiple levels of developer titles in their organization, and the hierarchy of those titles is unique to that organization. For example, at one company a Lead Front End Developer may be above the Principal Front End Developer  in the organizational hierarchy, and at another organization the Principal Front End Developer may top the hierarchy.

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