Your Web Developer Career Path

Our advice is to begin your career as a contractor for a small or medium sized organization.

You should try and join an organization where you will work under senior web developers. As long as you show interest and work hard you will be able to learn a great deal at your first position.

Do not plan to stay at any job more than 2 years in your first 5 years as a web developer. You need to be exposed to different web site structures and systems to be a well-rounded web developer.

As you work at your first job you should continue researching the different aspects of web development and decide how you want to shape your career path going forward.

Here are some good questions to help you evaluate your position.

  • Do you like working as a contractor?
    • Would you rather be a full-time employee?
  • Do you like where you work physically?
    • Would you rather work from home?
    • Or work from a different environment?
  • Do you like the size and structure of your organization?
    • What would you change about it?

The beauty of the web development field is that every organization needs a website, so you have many choices about where and how you want to work.

You cannot know exactly where your career will take you, but you should have a general idea of what your ideal job is and how you can move towards that job.

Use that idea as your focus when you make career decisions.


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