Becoming a Web Developer Can Change Your Life

At 23 years old I was working as a cook at a seafood restaurant and making $9 an hour. I had no college degree and no experience working with technology.

I taught myself web development using free internet resources and built a new career for myself.

By age 26 I was making $38 an hour as a web developer at a major media company.

By age 30 I was working from home full-time as a web application architect.

I am not presenting this story to brag. This story, and this site, is about showing you how you can build a career as a web developer and drastically change your life and career.

Since I started my web development career I have been able to purchase a home, earn my Bachelors and Masters degrees, and travel extensively. All of those experiences were because of my choice to build a career as a web developer.

I sincerely believe the career path I chose can work for many other people, and I hope this site helps them achieve their goals.

Robert Stowe, M.Ed.


  1. Hi im very interested in starting web development it jus seems their is alot of books,and material on it which would you recommend?i plan on get my site developer associate certificate from ciw,will this material alone be enough to grasp the info i need for starting out?i hate materials with alot of fluff,and like to get to the nitty gritty.your success and motivation is an inspiriation to me!keep it up and good luck with your success-27y.o. single mom

      1. Hello I recently bought the ciw site development associate course hard copy book and the exam study guide any tips on how to study

        1. For me the exam was no different than any standardized test. Just memorize the material the best you can. My favorite study tactics for standardized tests are repetition and practice tests.

  2. Hello Mr Robert Stowe,
    I already learnt a lot about php but struggling with project. Can’t get good resource about how to work with project?
    Will you help me out sharing some resources?
    Thanks for your concentration.

  3. Sounds amazing! I’ve been interested in web development for a while now – it’s something my Dad used to dabbling in, but unfortunately, he never got into it. I guess his interested spread to me. I’ve started my own website, but I haven’t mastered the web development side of it, so interested to find out more.

  4. I’m so happy I’ve stumbled upon your blog. I want to quit my day job in the near future, my corporate job is killing me; it’s underpaid and way too challenging, I can’t take this for much longer. Working from home would be a dream come true, meaning I could make a decent income and focus on my family at the same time. What would be the right steps to become a web developer, especially for those with no technical skills whatsoever?

  5. Robert
    I always wanted to become a web designer and I’ve been interested in web development for a while now. but now I think competition is heating up in website development market. Hope my career will grow.

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