Keep Learning about Web Development

Do not stop learning outside of work after you get your first web development job. If you do stop learning your career will stall and eventually technology will pass you by.

If you started your career without an education, keep learning by earning a certificate from a university in your time away from work.

You can take the college credits from your certificate program and apply them to an Associate degree, and then transfer the Associate degree into a Bachelor degree.

Challenge yourself and earn more money by taking on freelance work outside of your job. Freelance clients can also be a great way to network for future long-term employment.

Do Not Settle

The web development job market is too strong for you to stay in any job you are unhappy with. You should not be afraid to test the job market at any point in your career.

Because the job market is in favor of the employees, it is up to the employers to provide you with reason to stay. Just letting your employer know you are unhappy may produce some good results for you, and if your issues are not addressed you can easily move on to another web development position.

Find what you want. It is out there for you.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language which is run by the browser. It is different than server-side languages because it is used by the browser and not the server.

JavaScript is often used to change HTML or CSS after the webpage has loaded. It can be used to create slideshows, dropdown menus, and animations.

Front-end developers are usually very knowledgeable about JavaScript and back-end developers usually have a basic understand of it.

Resources for learning more about JavaScript: